Saturday, July 26, 2008


I had to go down to Tucson this Friday for work and I decided to go visit my friend Kevin who is down in Ft. Huachuca training to go to Kuwait. We went to see "The Dark Knight" on friday night and today (Sat) we decided to go see Tombstone; the famous town where Wyatt Earp and his brothers along with "Doc" Holliday confronted the McLaury's and the Clantons at the O.K. Coral. It was so much fun to see this old historic town with buildings fromt he era and many people dressed in time period clothing. Here are some of the pictures we took:

You can see the main road behind us where all the historic buildings are.

This is the site where the fight happened. They have statues to show the approximate placement of the key players when the gun fight broke out.

These "tour guides" (Doc Holliday and Wyatt Earp) gave us the full story of what happened.

I was teaching Kevin how these things worked back then.

After eating lunch in the "Big Nose Kate's Saloon" we got to have some fun taking pictures with their props. This is the same saloon where the Earps and Holliday all hung out the night before the gunfight. It was fun to know they had been in there!

After a fun day in the "Old West" we decided it was time to ride out in the sunset... this was the best we could do!

Monday, July 21, 2008

End of the Drought

So,'s been a while since our last post. My mom's right...I'm not busy, so that's not my excuse. My excuse is that I'm NOT busy. I have been doing NOTHING for weeks, and so there's been nothing to blog about. Although, if you want pictures of me laying on the couch day after day in my pj's, let me know, and I can definitely get some for you. Other than that, you'll have to enjoy the few things we have done in the past few weeks.

Ah, the rain... I was SO happy when it was raining during the waking hours that I made Noah take a picture. I even got to wear my SUPER cute rain boots! It was great...the roads were all a little flooded, and it was so fun to drive around in all the water. I LOVE rain even more now that I live here where it is much more rare.

Nate and Celeste are here (although they leave temporarily tonight). Nate came down to take his police exams and passed all of them with flying colors and is waiting to here the news of if and when he will start the academy. Celeste came down and joined him for a few days and look for houses. Last night we went to the Mesa temple to see a photography exhibit that is on display at the visitor's center. It was really amazing (the second time Noah and I have seen it) and we were glad to be able to share something so spiritual with our good friends.

And finally...the REAL reason Celeste came lay out with me! We actually only hit the pool twice in the days she's been here, but it's been really fun since the pool is the only way you can be outside and enjoy life. The boys came with us, too, and we had a blast coming up with new tricks (see below) and having underwater swimming contests. We were so happy to have Nate and Celeste come and stay with us for a little while and are looking forward to them moving here NEXT WEEK!

The best way to get on your flotation device is with a front flip! We highly recommend you try this before you requires a lot of skill. This trick was invented by Noah. Sorry about the booty shot...we were caught mid flip!

Finally, a few other things that have happened these past few weeks:
I watched all 3 Anne of Green Gables videos in 2 Days
I mastered the Rubiks cube
We found out we're having a baby next spring
We converted Nate and Celeste to eating at In and Out
We beat Nik & Anissa and Nate & Celeste at Pictionary

Saturday, July 5, 2008

Catch-Up Post!!!

First, before I left Gilbert, I was able to go watch Noah play in his first indoor soccer game in his new league. He was invited to play by our cousin Shane (Joni's husband), and our other cousin Jeff (Rachelle's husband) also plays on the team. They play every Saturday night, and he LOVES it. Here are just a few shots...

Next, I chopped my hair off! I know a lot of you have seen it already, but I decided to put up a post. This is the first time I have flipped it out... it's usually straight and a little bit under, but it had already air dried flipped out, so I just did it this way today. I couldn't put a picture up earlier, because I hadn't told Noah I had done it! I wanted to surprise him at the airport, and I succeeded!Before


Finally, the reason I went to Utah was for Body Motion's Summer Dance Camp! Here are a few pictures of my favorite students--my three girls!!!
Mia Louise

Tess Abigail

Ellie Jo (in class)

Slumber Party with my girls (worst sleep I've ever gotten) haha.

I am already missing my family, but I'm so so happy to be back home with Noah. It's "monsoon" season here in AZ, so the nightly thunderstorms/showers really cool down the nights. Last night was beautiful. We laid under the cloudy sky in the perfect temperature weather waiting for fireworks (which were cancelled due to the storm) and enjoying the perfect weather-- I even fell asleep for a while. I guess I can get used to this :)