Tuesday, July 31, 2007

Baby Rasheta is here!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Well, Anissa was induced yesterday and we finally got a call around 2:00 this morning with the good news! Although El Goobito (the nickname he already has since Olivia is called Goobie) doesn't have a name yet, he is so cute! Newborns aren't always cute, but when they have a little fullness to their faces, they really are adorable! Here are some pics of baby rasheta... 8 lbs 7 oz, born at around 11:10p.m. on the 30th of July!

Monday, July 30, 2007

So...I know I can dance!

Here's me with "America's Favorite Dancer" after our second LONG weekend night rehearsal!

The Finished Product

So...I got a sewing machine for Christmas, and I do little things with it all the time. I really do use my sewing machine almost everyday for some small thing or another. But I really want to learn how to sew! One day while hunting for fabric for Mom for the pageant, I ran into a sale on patterns--50 cents each! Since they're normally about 10 bucks, I got as many as they would let each person have.

Anyway, I found a pattern that I thought was so cute, and I could imagine any of my nieces wearing it, and I really wanted to make it. Tess's birthday has given me the perfect excuse, so I made it! I'm not completely happy with it...I made a couple big mistakes, but it's fine, and if she wears it even a couple of times I'll be happy. So, let me know what you think (remember I've never really sewn anything in my life, so make sure you're kind...)!

Just to clarify--I only made the top. Although I did alter the bottoms from full leggings to capri leggings. And the pom pons at the top are matching elastics for her hair! It looks a little full lying on the ground, but it hopefully won't be so big to the sides once it's on.

Here's what it should look like...

Tuesday, July 24, 2007

Stage Check

Noah and I spent the day making 271 flashcards to help him study for his ground school stage check for flight school! He has so many things to memorize for it that even I feel bad for him...(Allen and Rick, please don't comment--we know that nothing will ever ever ever be as hard as what you had to memorize).

My First Freezer Group

Freezing meals is an ingenious idea...and I'm so glad Olivia brought it to our family. We spent the evening of the 21st preparing 13 meals for freezing. We did everything to prep the food, then froze them for use throughout the next little while. It has already been so awesome! I just pull the meals out and cook them and we have a home-cooked meal with much less time, effort, and mess. Olivia was our guide as Mom, Billie Jo, Chelsea, Aunt Trudy, Beau Dee, and I worked hard for several long hours, prepping and packing. Thanks Liv!

July 24th!

Here are more pictures of our darling girls performing at the Talent Show for the Fiesta Days Celebration...They're the best in their classes, of course! And by far the cutest....

Some Cool News

If any of you don't know, I am dancing on a company called Origins which is headed up by Rick Robinson. Our show this year is called "One Night Only" and the new pieces are going to be a medley from the music from "Dreamgirls." We just found out that Benji Schwimmer (the winner of last year's SYTYCD) is going to choreograph part of the Ballroom section, so that is very exciting... He's definitely crazy, but I think it will be a good experience to work with him.

Thursday, July 19, 2007

A GREAT pic of Noah Flying!

With Noah's car in the shop (deer+freeway=no bueno) he had been catching rides to school. That means that between Tere and I, we were able to get some good shots of him at work. Tere caught both Noah and the CFI looking at her as they flew over after their take-off. He's basically ready to solo...just has to have a stage check (a test to make sure he's capable of flying completely alone) with both his flying and his ground school. He's become quite the study-crazy guy as he has to work with many MANY charts and equations to figure out everything about the helicopter. We'll keep you updated!

I liked it...even if no one else did...

So this piece was crazy, but I really liked it! It was my second favorite--after Pasha and Sara. That Mandy Moore piece was just really really cool. But I put this video on so you all can see what I wish I could do. This dance isn't just crazy, it's insanely difficult and I thought they pulled it off really well!

For Chelsea, among others...

I got in trouble for not keeping my blog updated enough, and you were right! I'm so so sorry...hopefully this will get me off the black list! Here we are in line to see the 12:01 premiere of Harry Potter and the Order of the Pheonix! We got in line around 6:00 and took turns going to get drinks and treats and played cards to pass the time. By the time 11:00 rolled around and they let us grab out seats in the theatre, our tushes were way past tired of sitting on the cement! We may not have been the first muggles in line, but we were definitely at the front end! (P.S. our friends are Nate and Celeste in the front and Justin and Ali in the back...)

Just In Case...

If you haven't seen Rick and Olivia's blog, here's a little push in their direction...
Check out this INSANE photo and others at

Wednesday, July 11, 2007

Noah Hovering!!

This is me hovering and then taking off. I am flying the helicopter by myself. My instructor is with me but he's not actually moving the controls. It's so crazy to think that I can actually fly a helicopter!!! Today is exactly 1 month from the day I first started...How far I've come along!

Tuesday, July 10, 2007

Noah at School

Noah is quickly becoming an amazing pilot! I was able to drive him to school today, so I stuck around to watch him do his pre-flight stuff as well as take off! It was so cool to see him doing all the stuff that the pilots did when they took us on an intro flight. He's the top of his class, and very very close to being able to fly solo--scary (for me) and exciting (for both of us...)!

I also got video of him taking off, so as soon as Noah posts it to YouTube, i'll put a link on here for you guys. You'll be so proud!

Monday, July 9, 2007

4th of July Weekend

Well, I know everyone has beat me to it, but I'm finally getting around to my post on the 4th of July weekend we spent in Kamas!

Noah and I went to Oakley on the morning of the 4th for the parade, and I got to shake it leading the little girlies while Noah chilled in the truck with Max. Everyone was (as Chelsea already described) more excited to see him than me and were screaming at him from the sides of the road. He said he didn't know the majority of them, but they sure seemed to know him!

We also went to the Oakley Rodeo on the night of the 6th and stayed over at my parents house in Woodland. The next morning, Noah dropped me off in Kamas and I went and did some catering with the Gateway at the Canyons while he went to school and flew in Provo. He picked me up at the bottom of the ski lift and we rode to Woodland together to enjoy the rest of the afternoon at the Provo River diversion with my family--minus Max and Chelsea who had headed home earlier in the week. Check out the pics! Hopefully I can add something to the other two posts...

Wednesday, July 4, 2007

She works hard for the money...

So if you're thinking this is the sickest thing you'v e ever seen, you may be right! If you don't think this is disgusting, maybe you thought it was a tan line....it's not. This is DIRT!

I've been working kind of odd jobs this summer trying to keep busy, and I acquired this nasty dirt line working a catering job behind the scenes at the Oakley 4th of July Rodeo. The food was great!, but it was way dusty and hot at the Rodeo. I didn't realize just how bad it was until I got home. Gross, huh?

This is just proof that I don't have anything exciting to post...but I'm trying to set the example for everyone else. Keep in touch and post! Love you all!

Monday, July 2, 2007

I decided to draw the helicopter that I fly so I could show you just how complex this piece of machinery really is. The detail in the drawing showcases how technologically advanced a helicopter is.
I know that I have a gift for drawing and that's why I am becoming a helicopter pilot and not an artist! (Published by Noah)