Friday, June 29, 2012

1 Month Old!


Growth: Noelle weighs just over 9 lbs. She has nice chubby cheeks and her legs are starting to fill out. No rolls yet, but they're on the way! She can still rock a few newborn outfits but most are too small. All the newborn sleepers are too short for her now.

Sleep: She is a good little sleeper. She naps well during the day and does a 6 hour stretch at night. She did sleep 8 hours one night, but it didn't stick. I'm hope she will stretch out to the 8 hour mark in the next few weeks! She loves to sleep on her tummy, so I let her nap on her tummy while I can supervise. She is in a cradle in our room but I'm planning on moving her to a crib in her room when she starts sleeping through the night. She gets swaddled for most naps and always at bedtime. She is pretty good at squirming/fussing herself to sleep and doesn't need much persuasion to go to sleep. She loves the Soothie binky, just like big brother.

Tricks: Looking cute! That's pretty much it. She doesn't seem to be interested in smiling at us just yet. She is GREAT at burping and needs to burp often in order to feel super happy.

Other: Just like big brother, Noelle started acting like a reflux baby right at two weeks. We quickly got her on Prevacid, and she is doing well with that medication. She is so sweet and is much more calm than big brother was. She is rarely fussy and almost never cries. She is being blessed in the Woodland Ward on Sunday, July 1st.

We love our big 1 month old!

Don't come up here!

The other day, I was sitting in my room feeding Noelle while Rajko was upstairs watching T.V. and playing with all his toys in the playroom. Things started to get a little noisy up there. Things started to get a little MORE noisy up there. Finally, I was sure that either The Hulk or a burglar was upstairs tearing the house to pieces. I did not want to interrupt feeding the baby, so I called upstairs to Rajko to see what was going on.

Me: Rajko...what are you doing???

Rajko: Mommy!! Don't come up here!

Me: Why? Did you make a mess???

Rajko: No... Just some lots of stuff fell over!!!!

Monday, June 25, 2012


Our sweet little bundle arrived safe and sound to us on May 23rd. She has been the absolutely best newborn! She is a great little sleeper and hardly ever fusses or cries. I'm kind of glad that Rajko was a difficult baby because it really makes me appreciate this sweet little princess. We love our Ayla Noelle!

Noah is SO busy that I decided to buy a template for her birth announcement instead of buggin him to make one. I found this one on Pinterest, of course, and purchased it here:

I'm so glad I live in a time where technology makes everything so EASY!