Monday, April 27, 2009

Mother Knows Best!

What was I thinking?? My mom told me about a website weeks ago that I should visit. It had natural remedies for colic. Why didn't I rush to the website? Because...I think I felt that colic was an overused term and my baby was suffering from reflux, and I didn't want to pin it on "colic." So, needless to say, I had not visited the website. I really did have the intention of checking it out, but just hadn't gotten around to it.

Rajko really does just suffer with his tummy all the time. I hadn't been able to pin it down to one thing, but he seems to always be in pain with his stomach. Now that the reflux pain seems to be under control (thank you Prevacid), I've been able to see that his problem of waking up during his naps in pain is not because of the reflux, but because of something else. He starts out with a few grunts, then starts screaming! Nothing can soothe him...Noah has his way of holding him, and I have my way. He cries and cries in obvious pain with the saddest frowning faces and then suddenly goes limp and falls back to sleep. This can repeat over and over every 15 minutes throughout his nap. It is truly heartbreaking.

So, today I called the pediatrician - just for some advice. What else can I do to help this little guy's gassy problems? I don't eat dairy, I avoid gassy veggies, beans, soda, etc. I give him Mylicon with every feeding. He's on a prescription for his reflux. I give him daily tummy massages (which make him toot like crazy!). We even bought an Acid Reflux sleeping wedge that he gets strapped into every time he sleeps! The nurse suggested I give gripe water a try, as it was about the only thing I'm currently not doing.

So I get online to research gripe water, and where do I end up? On the website my mom told me about weeks ago.

This is the FIRST thing I have found that seems to address the exact symptoms I see in Rajko, and it sounds like it's going to be the answer to my prayers (literally). A weight was lifted from my shoulders as I sat and read the testimonials...hearing my own baby's story reflected in the stories of others. I am SO SO SO SO SO excited! I ordered a bottle and cannot wait to give it to him. My heart breaks every time that sweet baby wakes from a peaceful slumber crying in pain. NO MORE!!! Colic Calm to the rescue!

The moral of the story - do what your mother tells you to do WHEN she tells you to do it!

Sunday, April 26, 2009

The Weekend Adventures

Well, Lary and Tere are finally here! For those of you that don't know...Noah's parents just moved here and we are so excited! They live just about 10 minutes from Noah and I, and it's so fun to have them close again. They are watching Rajko full time from now until school gets out, when we'll let them go back to being the Grandparents and not the nanny, and they won't have to have him everyday :)

They live in an area called Val Vista Lakes that has a beautiful clubhouse. There is a year-round heated lap pool, and also this beach pool. It has a zero depth layout, and sand around all the edges with beach chairs and umbrellas, so you are truly at the beach! We went there Saturday and Rajko LOVED it! We all did...enjoy!

Our little family at the beach...

Rajko with his Aunt Anissa. I had to post this picture because A - Anissa looks SO good, B - this is the best picture of Rajko in his hat and sunglasses (the cute girls who bought him this outfit have been patiently waiting to see a picture of him wearing it), and C - you can see the pool behind Anissa. There is a waterfall area behind her as well that you can't see in this photo. BEAUTIFUL place.

Rajko and Mommy

Although this was totally a fluke, I thought this picture was SO cute how he was looking over the rims of his glasses!

RELAXING! I knew Rajko was too little for a baby float where he's in the water, plus he's too little to wear sunscreen, so I bought this little baby pool you normally fill up with water, and let him float around in it. It had a big sun shade which kept his nice and covered the whole time. It was PERFECT!

On Friday we went to visit our friend Jared Murillo. He's in a band called V Factory, and they were performing before the Britney Spears concert in Glendale. We absolutely adore the Murillos (if you know any of them you'll understand), and especially Josh and Jared. We were so happy to be able to go see him for a second.

Buying cute clothes for your nephews pays off...I bought these shorts for Landon when he was a baby, and now Rajko is enjoying them. Is he SO cute?

And last but not least...I wanted to post a picture where you could see that Rajko's hair is coming in! It gets a little thicker everyday, and we think it will definitely be dark. His eyes are also getting darker everyday, so we think we'll have a brown-eyed, brown-haired handsome boy :)

Sunday, April 19, 2009

Cutest Boy in the Cutest Outfit!

Check out this handsome boy! I'm not sure why we didn't get a full length picture of him where he WASN'T crying, but I thought it was so cute that he was so mad that I put that hat on him. As you can see, he did get used to it, and he blew everyone away with how cute he looked.

Haha, a cute hat AND a double chin :)

Monday, April 13, 2009

Rajko is One Month Old! Easter, visitors, and new toys...

I can't believe my baby is a month old!!! Time is seriously flying by, and it is making me so sad! He no longer fits in his newborn clothes, and I decided not to buy anymore newborn diapers, either. I'm just going to let this (the last) package run out and put him in size 1's. Can you believe it???

This is Rajko on Easter Sunday in his church clothes. We were happy that they didn't look TOO big, and we even got some super cute dressy shoes. Isn't he so handsome?? Noah thinks he looks a little dead with this antiqued coloring, so I include a bright happy one for you all :)

As usual, he wanted to sleep when I wanted him to be awake for a picture. But he was PERFECT through church. Was awake but happy for half, and slept through the second half.

For another example of him sleeping when he should be awake, view the video below! If he doesn't want to be awake for waketime, there is NOTHING I can do to convince him otherwise...

Enjoying some waketime in his new swing!

Also, our favorite girls came to visit us, and we were SO happy!!!! I think they enjoyed the sun and the weather, and we hopefully found enough to entertain them - although I think they would have been content to play in Sharee's pool all day everyday. Thanks Buti's for coming. I LOVED LOVED LOVED seeing you!

And finally, another new toy...when we went to Babies R Us to get the swing, I also bought this sling. Rajko seems to like it, but I've yet to actually use it anywhere yet. I'll have to give you an update of how our first trip to a store goes!

Friday, April 3, 2009

Sleepytime and a special treat :)

Noah LOVES LOVES LOVES being a daddy...he's so proud of his little guy and just holds and cuddles him as soon as he gets home from flying everyday. Rajko didn't want to look at me for this picture, though...

I could watch this boy fall asleep all day. As soon as he goes into active sleep, his eyes start shifting like crazy and he pulls the cutest faces. I think the reason I LOVE to watch him fall asleep so much is because that's when he smiles...only by reflex of course. It makes my day, and I cannot wait until he gives me a real smile :)

There's nothing to say about this video...just enjoy!