Sunday, April 26, 2009

The Weekend Adventures

Well, Lary and Tere are finally here! For those of you that don't know...Noah's parents just moved here and we are so excited! They live just about 10 minutes from Noah and I, and it's so fun to have them close again. They are watching Rajko full time from now until school gets out, when we'll let them go back to being the Grandparents and not the nanny, and they won't have to have him everyday :)

They live in an area called Val Vista Lakes that has a beautiful clubhouse. There is a year-round heated lap pool, and also this beach pool. It has a zero depth layout, and sand around all the edges with beach chairs and umbrellas, so you are truly at the beach! We went there Saturday and Rajko LOVED it! We all did...enjoy!

Our little family at the beach...

Rajko with his Aunt Anissa. I had to post this picture because A - Anissa looks SO good, B - this is the best picture of Rajko in his hat and sunglasses (the cute girls who bought him this outfit have been patiently waiting to see a picture of him wearing it), and C - you can see the pool behind Anissa. There is a waterfall area behind her as well that you can't see in this photo. BEAUTIFUL place.

Rajko and Mommy

Although this was totally a fluke, I thought this picture was SO cute how he was looking over the rims of his glasses!

RELAXING! I knew Rajko was too little for a baby float where he's in the water, plus he's too little to wear sunscreen, so I bought this little baby pool you normally fill up with water, and let him float around in it. It had a big sun shade which kept his nice and covered the whole time. It was PERFECT!

On Friday we went to visit our friend Jared Murillo. He's in a band called V Factory, and they were performing before the Britney Spears concert in Glendale. We absolutely adore the Murillos (if you know any of them you'll understand), and especially Josh and Jared. We were so happy to be able to go see him for a second.

Buying cute clothes for your nephews pays off...I bought these shorts for Landon when he was a baby, and now Rajko is enjoying them. Is he SO cute?

And last but not least...I wanted to post a picture where you could see that Rajko's hair is coming in! It gets a little thicker everyday, and we think it will definitely be dark. His eyes are also getting darker everyday, so we think we'll have a brown-eyed, brown-haired handsome boy :)


Rasheta Family said...

I love the new pics. I do like the one of him and me. Will you email it to me. Sat. was a great day to be at the club. Soon it will be much more crowded and HOT! Rajko is gonna be big and smiling by the time I get back!!!

Billie Jo said...

Wow a weekend full of adventure is an understatement. And to think we sat inside and watched it snow! I can't wait to see that boy. Is it going to be in a month? I can't wait!!!

The Gunnerson Family said...

Wow, I wish I spent the weekend at the "beach" instead of sitting in front of the fireplace watching it snow outside. That Rajko is so cute! I love the hat and shades. He is going to love the pool as he gets a little older and can get into it. I can't wait to meet that little guy in person. I hope that work and mommying is going okay.

Billie Sue said...

It all looks really fun and like Billie Jo and Olivia said, we were treated to two more days of snow here in the beautiful mountains. Honestly, Dad drove up the canyon above Kamas on Saturday, and the road is closed at Soapstone. Brenda Bushell told him that Trial Lake still had 60 inches of snow -- so there's some melting to do around these parts. Phoenix doesn't know of these things. How fun to get to see Jared! I didn't know he was in a band -- that's cool. Rajko looks like he is still getting bigger and bigger every day. We can't wait till the end of May! Love the post!

Anonymous said...

I got your card today, and couldn't remember the last time I saw your blog, so I logged on and was it ever great, that little Rajko is darn cute and so are his parents. He has grown so much, and the place you live is beautiful, and really inviting after this weekend. Delta wasn't much better, but the kids had fun.
Keep on blogging and I'll keep on reading.
Aunt Dixie

Chelsea Johnson said...

I love that cutie!!! He looks so cute in his swim gear and I'll bet he totally loved the day at the beach.

I was wondering if you bought those shorts for your future children at the same time you bought the outfit for Jack---but it makes sense that they were Landons and now they're Rajk's.

I wish we could see him in person right now....but I guess the great pics will do till the next time!

The DiStefano Family said...

He is so dang cute! I miss having a baby that small. I love the pictures with the sunglasses. What a stud!