Saturday, June 12, 2010

Home Sweet Home - For Good :)

What a week!

Noah and I had planned to run a half marathon in Provo Canyon today. We planned to take a full week in Kamas to get adjusted to the altitude and visit my family. Due to our incredible planning skills, when we went to register for the 1/2, it was full and no longer accepting registrations. We decided to keep our vacation as planned and come home anyway.

A week or so prior to heading up, Noah and I had some discussions about the reasons we had moved to AZ, how things had worked out, and decided that it was best for our little family if we tried to make our way back to Utah eventually. We didn't have a plan or a time line, but knew we wanted to figure out a way to move back.

Noah started looking at job postings in Utah, and applied for a few jobs. He found one that he was most excited about and was talking to me about how crazy it would be if he were able to get that job. Before we left for Utah, they contacted him and wanted to set up an interview. He interviewed with them on Monday, and they offered him the job on Wednesday!! Noah is the new VP of Online Marketing for Crank Tech (a supplement company out of Provo).

We couldn't believe it! It was a one week process from the time we discussed moving home until it became a reality! The Lord's hand was definitely evident in this process - there is no way this could have worked itself out without extra help. We feel so good about moving home and know that it's the right thing to do. We know that our prayers have been answered, and we are so excited to start our new adventure.

Noah begins work on June 21st, and I will continue working at University of Phoenix until July 2nd. We will be moving up the 4th of July weekend, and are moving into a little apartment in Oakley while we figure out if the commute is okay for Noah and what "the plan" should be. I will, of course, be teaching dance with Billie Jo again. And now that the "dynamic duo" (her words) is back together, the sky is the limit!!

I'm already missing Noah's family and my friends in AZ. I never thought I would think twice about leaving that place, but it truly has been an amazing place to live. I have so many people there that are such a huge part of my is such a sad thought to walk away from that daily interaction. Lary and Tere have been so amazing since Rajko has been born - Tere has watched Rajko everyday while Noah and I have worked. He is going to miss his Abuelitos so much. We are also leaving behind Nik and Anissa and their kids. :( Now we will be looking for weekend fares TO Phoenix so we can visit!

With everything decided, all that was left was for Noah and Rajko to fall in love with the Kamas Valley the same way I did long ago. This week definitely accomplished that. Rajko is obsessed with being outside - he stands at the glass door crying every time we bring him in from playing. Noah has discovered the beauty of the valley, is excited at the thought of a country lifestyle, and realized that he can keep himself very busy with the Rec Center in town. :) He told me the other day, "I think I just fell in love with this place."

Could anything make me happier? I think not.

Here is what we've been up to since we've been here. We LOOOOOOVE this place.

Rajko's first tractor ride with Grandpa
at the beautiful church farm in Upper Woodland

When Rajko decided the tractor ride wasn't too fun, Mommy and Daddy jumped on board, too.

A walk down to check out the Provo see how high it was and what damage it was causing. These Three Amigos are going to be best buds!

Wading, kicking, and splashing in the Creek - that runoff water is COLD!