Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Video Test...

Today Rajko is 3 Weeks!

So we got a new little digital video camera to make it easy to share clips of Rajko...I know this isn't a very exciting video, but I just wanted to test out the process and share a little bit of our day.

As I mentioned in my previous post, Rajko likes to be on his tummy...probably because he is such a gassy baby and likes the pressure on his tummy. I even let him take a nap on his tummy once a day where I can watch him and make sure he can breathe okay.

The saddest thing, though, is that Rajko is going bald. All the hair (just on the top of his head) is falling out and I'm SO SO SO sad!!! No more fauxhawks...just male-pattern balding on my three-week old.

Friday, March 27, 2009

Tummy Time and other tidbits...

Rajko likes to be on his tummy, especially if it's on the Boppy pillow and not the floor. I took some pictures of him during his tummy time, and I had to include a lot so you could see how strong he thinks he is! He feel the needs to crawl completely out of the pillow!

Lifting his head...notice that his body is mostly inside the boppy.

Starting to push with his legs...stomach is edging over the pillow.

Pushing with BOTH legs...

....but he got stuck here, so I finally saved him.

Also, we tried our first bottle feeding. He seemed to take the bottle okay, but it was at the height of his reflux sensitivity, so the feeding didn't really go well. We'll be trying again today with some different milk and see how it goes!

By the way...remember how I mentioned being paranoid that something I was eating was making him sick? Well, actually it was! Rajko has a mild case of reflux, and it acts up when I eat dairy. So, I get to cut out all the dairy in my diet :( No milk, cheese, butter, chocolate, etc. If you can't feel my pain, you should eat my mom's food for a few days. Then you'd understand why these are my favorite things to eat.

It's been 2 days since I cut the dairy, and I've already seen a VAST improvement in Rajko. He doesn't scream and cry while or after he's eating, and his sleeping is going back to normal, too. He's been a pretty restless sleeper as the inflamation in his tummy has built up over the past couple of weeks, so we're hoping he'll go back to peaceful slumber as I continue to sacrifice my favorite things to eat!

It's pretty crazy how quickly you realize you would do ANYTHING or sacrifice ANYTHING just to save your child pain, and not think twice about it. Parenthood is so crazy....and great!

Finally, baby Rajko got a visit from Aunt Bonnie and Tanille! Tanille's little girl, Mackenzie, was SO cute. She is so smart and asks all sorts of questions and was loving the baby. Isn't she a cutie?

Monday, March 23, 2009

The Adventures of Rajko - Week 2

So, these are just some random photos taken since last time we posted that I thought I would share, as I have had several requests for more pictures!!!

Things are going well in the Rasheta house. Noah is back in flight training (WOO HOO!!!) and back at work, leaving Rajko and mommy home to hang out all day.

I have, as hard as I try not to, become somewhat paranoid. I know that once my emotions/hormones are back in check, I'll be able to reason a little better with myself, but for now, there's no hope... Rajko is only fussy when he has trapped gas (at either end), and everytime he cries and cringes in pain, I cry, too...I just keep wondering what I can eat to help him feel better!! Other than that, we are doing great! He's a good little eater, he is a GREAT sleeper, and he's happy and alert in between.

Enjoy the pictures!When Rajko finds fingers to suck on, he's very happy...

As previously mentioned, he's not a big fan of getting his clothes or diapers changes, so Grandma was training him to be okay with it by leaving his onsie stuck on his head. Ellie may remember this trick :)

This is exactly how Noah sleeps... yes, the swaddling lasted about 3 days.

This is what I found when I left Daddy in charge of Tummy time....tsk tsk. But oh so cute!

Rajko in his very chic ducky bath robe. He doesn't hate getting his sponge bath so much anymore. He usually doesn't fuss until we're getting down to the end. I'm just not as fast as Grandma!!

My tiny baby boy...

One of the last days with Grandma...this boy LOVES to be in this position. He is happiest when he is being burped.

My mom and I attempted some pictures before she left. Some were a great success, others not so much (Rajko jumping off of the sofa will be another story for another day)...

My cutie boy...just wanted to include lots of pictures so you can get to know the many faces of our crazy, cute little guy.

Monday, March 16, 2009

My chubby, happy, sleepy update...

We had our well baby doctor's visit today, and our little guy is just perfect! He not only reached his birth weight, but had added an extra 4 ounces. He is now 8 lbs 3 oz. So the doctor said I can let him sleep longer at night between feedings if he doesn't wake up to eat (yay) since he's OBVIOUSLY gaining weight just fine. He doesn't even have to go back for a 2 week check up. Here is a photo overload to update you all. Thanks for all your help and phone calls. We love and appreciate you!

Here is our Rajko boy after his first bath at home. I think he is the most handsome perfect boy ever...of course!

Rajko likes to sleep, A LOT! I have to wake him up to eat so he doesn't starve because he likes to sleep so much. I hope this pattern continues as he gets older and can sleep even longer without eating at night :)

Noah thought it was so hilarious to have Rajko look like a Sith Lord. I also found it quite humorous :)

Rajko's first bath at home with Grandma...washing his hair is the only part he does like. He despises getting his diaper changed, getting his clothes changes, or anything similar. So obviously, the bath is not his favorite. Hopefully when it's a real bath in water he'll like it more!

This baby has no bum. If you know Noah and I, I'm sure you can understand why I believe this will change!!!

Rajko's arrival home...I think he looks so tiny in his carseat, but I don't want him to grow and get big. He's too cute the way he is now, and I just want time to stand still!

Our saving grace! My mom is here and will be until the 21st. She is keeping everyone WELL fed, happy, and calm. She's seriously the best and I think I'm going to have a total meltdown when she leaves. Rajko also already loves her, and she can always get his calmed down and get out the burps and gas bubbles that I can't seem to get rid of! Mommy, I LOVE YOU!

Rajko with Grandpa

Aunt Chelsea and Uncle Max also came to visit, which was so awesome. She was here to help us get home from the hospital before my mom got here, and seriously helped me keep my head during those first couple of crazy days...

Uncle Rob holding Rajko. He would tell him things that we told him to, like how cute he was or that he had pretty eyes, but it about broke my heart when he went to hand him back to me and told him, "I love you." I love Rob so much and I'm so glad he's here to swim (in the freezing pool) and meet the baby. I hope he's having fun here...

Rajko really likes being burped. He will hang out in this position all day!

I just thought his picture was so funny...this is the hearing test Rajko took before leaving the hospital. He was really enjoying whatever they were playing for him!

Wednesday, March 11, 2009

More pics of Rajko

More pics of Rajko...

This is immediately after the c-section. I brought him out to show everyone.

Once the hospital realized how cute he was the had to call in SWAT.
Nik was at a SWAT training when he got the call that Giselle was having the baby so he came in a hurry, still packing heat! Made Rajko feel very safe and protected by uncle Nik!

Rajko and Abuelita

See and download the full gallery on posterous

His little legs are so cute!

See and download the full gallery on posterous

Daddy kissing Rajko's soft little head. One of my new favorite things to do!!

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Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Introducing Rajko Nikolas Rasheta

Born March 10th at 10:52 AM
7 lbs. 15 oz. - 20.25 inches long

We are very happy and thankful for this little guy! Look forward to more pictures and videos in the near future.

See and download the full gallery on posterous

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Stay tuned...

Giselle woke up around 1:30 this morning to inform me that her water broke, as you can imagine, I jumped up and got dressed and ready to go to the hospital, meanwhile, she had gone to the living room and was posting the news on the blog. When she saw me all dressed and with my shoes on she laughed and said "why are you dressed?" "We're not going to the hospital, I still have to finish making the freezer meals and get the guest room ready!" That's Giselle for you! I reminded her that I had seen enough movies to know that when your water breaks you go to the hospital. I hurried and made the guest bed and we packed our things and within 30-45 minutes we were on our way. Once we got here, they confirmed that she was having contractions and her water had broken so now it's just a waiting game... Once our doctor touches base with us and is made aware of the situation we will see what the exact plan of action is but we're hoping that sometime today he'll be born!!

Once the baby knew there was a planned day and time for him, he thought he'd make his own plans, goes to show he'll be like his daddy who also likes to live life without having it all planned out! Haha

Stay tuned for updates or feel free to text me if you want: 8017356485. I'll be keeping my facebook updated as well so if you want to follow my there you can add me as a facebook friend, my email on facebook is: ndrasheta@hotmail.com

Stay tuned for more info... We love you all!!

I think my water broke...now somebody fix it!

It's 1:58 am and I woke up about a half an hour ago. I think my water broke, and I'm having very very minor contractions....it's policy to go to the hospital if your water breaks, so I think we're headed there now.

I'm so upset! I had Friday all planned and was good to go. Noah thinks I'm crazy, because I want to stay home to finishing getting my house and freezer meals ready before we leave. If I go in and my water really has broken, we're having a baby today and I'm just not sure if I'm ready!

How does anyone go into labor alone and be prepared for it?

Can someone please fix my broken water so I can go back to sleep and wait until Friday???

Monday, March 9, 2009

We have a plan...now place your bets!

Well, after an eventful day at the doctor...
Rajko Rasheta will be born via a c-section on Friday, March 13th at 12:30 pm!
I went to the doctor today and still nothing...in fact, he showed me that I can feel the baby's entire head still floating around high in my abdomen. He's been head down for over a month, but just won't drop into the pelvis or go anywhere near it. No dilation. No effacement. No progress.
Since we were very nervously awaiting this appointment, it was no surprise to me that my blood pressure was sky high!!! But, wanting to make sure it wasn't a bigger issue such as preeclampsia, the doctor sent us over to triage to be evaluated and have some blood work done for a platelet count and something that has to do with the liver. By the time I got there, I was plugging away at a perfect 120/80 and the baby was fine. It was a quick hour or so until they had the blood work back, and they let us go...scheduling us for the c-section before we left.
So...your guesses on time will be pretty easy, since you know I'm having surgery at 12:30 and it only takes a few minutes, but place your bet on time and weight, if you please!!!
Love you all, Noah and Giselle

Tuesday, March 3, 2009

An Interesting Update...

This picture is actually from last week, but it will have to do! (38 Weeks)

So I have been frustrated each week as I go to the doctor, because my belly has yet to drop, and each check up, my doctor has just told me that absolutely nothing is happening, good luck with making something happen, and he'll see me the next week.

Before I talk about today's appointment, let me go back to the very beginning. My original due date was February 27th. Upon going to the doctor, he moved my due date back almost two weeks to March 10th... if hadn't adjusted my due date, I would already be one week overdue.

So...Today, after another exam, he dropped a pretty big bomb on us. He said that the baby is still as high as he could possibly be and he has no reason to think this is going to change. He has been head down for over a month, but has yet to descend into the pelvis at all. The baby isn't huge, so there's no reason why he wouldn't have descended unless the pelvis is too narrow or shaped incorrectly to allow the baby to descend. Without the baby descending, there's no way for me to progress toward labor. Basically, I won't be going into labor by myself.

This, really, was no surprise to me. I have been planning to be induced a few days after my due date, because I have just felt like I would not go into labor by myself.

BUT, because he thinks the issue is my pelvis, he is worried that even inducing labor and pushing will be to no avail, as the baby won't be able to fit through the birth canal. Intense pushing to try to force him down into the pelvis could cause distress and lead to an emergency C-section after hours of labor and lots of pushing. Instead, if nothing has progressed or changed by Monday, he'd like to schedule a C-section for sometime in the week, rather than an induction.

I'm not sure how I'm feeling about everything - I'm kind of just waiting to see what happens on Monday. But I just wanted to update everyone on the crazy news we received today!!!

Just some info on C-sections:

Nearly 30% of all deliveries are done via C-section

C-sections are commonly used for women with an abnormally-shaped pelvis, or when the fetus' head is believed to be too large to fit through the pelvis (cephalopelvic disproportion)

Recovery from a C-section is similar to recovery from any abdominal surgery

Many C-section deliverees find themselves more mobile - faster than vaginal deliverees, and have an edge when it comes to sitting

C-section deliverees can lift, cuddle, and breastfeed their babies just like everyone else


The most important thing to keep in mind is this: the BEST birth is the one that's safest, and sometimes, that's a C-section. Any delivery that brings a healthy baby to the world is a perfect delivery :)