Wednesday, March 30, 2011

My Stabilizer

I finally bought a camera again. Woo hoo! I have no more excuses. I promise to blog a little more frequently now.

Life is good these days. We are living at my parents, saving for a down payment on a house and waiting for the right house to pop up. There just aren't hundreds of homes to choose from in Kamas Valley like there are in other places. The right one for the right price is hard to come by. But we are making it work in the meantime, and we are doing great with our savings.

Ask me why we're doing so great... thanks to this guy.Noah has always been interested in having his own company. He is so sickly talented in so many things that it only makes sense. But self-employment isn't the most fun thing when it comes to stability and things like insurance, etc. He's found a happy medium, working for All West, doing something he loves, and doing his own thing on the side. He has a web development and online marketing company called Creative Downpour that is doing absolutely great. He does EVERYTHING web related from building the website to marketing the product or services, and even has contacts for product fulfillment. What a guy, right??

As if that's not enough, he now has a few products of his own, and is doing great with those businesses as well. He sells tripods, tripod attachments, and even steady-cams for the iPhone and lots of other smart phones. I use mine all the time - in the car and at the store, especially, for Rajko with his iPod touch and his movies. If you've got a smart phone with video or like to take pictures, you should seriously check it out!
He has also got a line of Germanium and Titanium infused bracelets coming out soon. We are so excited!! Stay tuned...

Needless to say, I'm so proud of Noah. I've never cared if I was married to some millionaire and lived the life of luxury. I've always wanted stability for myself and my family. He is so committed to doing that, and his hard work and talent is just incredible. Of course, even more importantly, he is the most amazing spiritual leader of this family. It would take an entire additional post to discuss what a spiritual giant he is... I love him and appreciate him so much. It makes me happy to feel my love grow for him every single day.

So this past weekend while in St George for our dance competition, we got to pack Chelsea up and move her home. Wahoo!! Can you say ROOMIES? Haha, she's also at my mom and dad's while she figures out her plan. She got a great job at St. Marks so we finally got to drag her home. :)

Jack and Rajko are the best of buds now. They both have a monkey for a best friend, and they are both CRAZY. They will jump on an old bed upstairs and have a dance party with my ipod for hours at a time! They drop their monkeys off the bridge and go retrieve them. They torment their poor Uncle Rob with a game of "Hi Rob" and giggle endlessly over the silliest things. We're all so glad to have Chelsea and Jack here, but I think Rajko might be the very happiest. He's finally got a little buddy!Spoiled Rajko getting pushed in the Fred Flintstone car
A very long-lasting game of flying "monKEY!"