Sunday, November 7, 2010

Man of the House

It's no secret that Rajko has both Noah and I wrapped around his finger. He gets what he wants...when he wants it, with few exceptions. Though his words have been limited, he has always been great at grunting or leading me to what he wants, and I somehow have become quite amazing at reading his mind.

However, I feel like life is about to get a little easier. It seems like everyday, Rajko masters new words. Just now, he came and grabbed my hand and said, "please!!!"

He led me to the fridge. I opened it and he said, "Mama? Egg."

I got out a hard-boiled egg, took the shell off, and gave it to him. He responded with his typical, "thanks."

He took his egg over to the coffee table and began eating it. I also washed some grapes and brought them over to them. He saw the grapes and said, "uva." (Spanish for grape.)

After eating a few, he grabbed one in each hand, walked over to the couch and said, "up."

Now he's snuggling with Noah while we watch the Amazing Race. He checks in by saying or "Mama" or "Nani" (my other name) mixed in every few words between his jibberish. This is typical...he does it all day everyday. I love hearing that little boy check in with me over and over...making sure he has my attention and love while he plays and learns and grows.

I am excited for Rajko to be able to express what he wants, but I am so so sad that he continues to grow up so fast. Of course, when I say grow I mean in the intelligence and skills way, not the actual size way. He's still right around 20 lbs and I JUST pulled out the 12-18 month clothes...although they are still drowning him. Oh well. With him being so little, it still allows me to feel like I have a little baby.

We love our boy. :)