Saturday, April 24, 2010

New Ride

For those of you who don't know, I was in a minor car accident in February. My car was in the shop for a month with some frame damage, and they ended up totaling the vehicle. When looking for a replacement, I wanted a crossover with a third row. Unless I was ready to buy a new Acura or Volvo crossover, I was pretty limited. I had a Chrysler Pacifica in mind and had talked myself into liking them - it took me 2 months. Off to find a Pacifica we went. The one I had been eye-ing was at a dealership in North Phoenix, so we called to make sure the vehicle was still there, and off we went. Well, either they lied on the phone, or the Pacifica truly did drive off the lot about an hour before we got there.

The pushy salesman asked us to walk around the lot and just look to see what they had. They had a bunch of huge SUV's that I was not interested in, and this Lexus GX 470. We decided to test drive it and take a look at finance options "just for fun" and ended up taking it away for what we were paying on my Escape. Needless to say, it's a bit of an upgrade.

I love it! And Noah loves cleaning it, so it's totally a win-win (okay, more of two wins for me). Anyway, just thought I'd update everyone with my new toy!

You know who also loves mommy's new car and his forward-facing carseat in it? This boy...

13 months:
still not walking on his own
still not saying words (although he jabbers in Rajkese non-stop)
finally forced to sleep through the night (11-13 hours) without eating or coming to mommy & daddy's bed
still nursing 1x/day before bed
getting tubes on May 3rd - yay!

still the sweetest, funnest little thing ever, and very very spoiled and loved

Saturday, April 10, 2010

Easter Weekend

Last weekend Noah and I drove up to St George to spend Easter with Chelsea and Jack. My mom drove down as well, so it was a nice reunion after Rajko's birthday. Saturday morning, Chelsea and Jack had a photo shoot, and we tagged along. It was at the beautiful winter home of Brigham Young. Chelsea and Jack's pictures turned out so awesome! My mom snapped a few pictures of Rajko as well :)
Decorating eggs was a blast - for Chelsea and me. Maybe in another couple of years Rajko will be interested in doing more than just eating and smashing the eggs!

Chelsea, thanks for having us!! We had a blast.

Birthday Boy and his Visitors

Well, only one month behind... oh well!

We had a really fun birthday party for Rajko a few days after his actual birthday. The highlight of the plans included the cake I had decided to make, and having his Grandma, Aunt Chelsea, and cousin Jack in town!Rajko got so many awesome presents, and he loves them. He will play for hours on end without much help or input. As long as I'm within his line of sight, he will play away...thanks to everyone for his gifts!

Chelsea, Jack, and my mom stayed for 1 week. It was awesome! These two boys began quite a fun friendship. Jack taught Rajko many of life's most important lessons. Some of them include:
The importance of a best friend. Both these boys have a Monkey that they are attached to.

How to play baseball.

How delicious chocolate milk is!

Watching T.V. is more fun if you cuddle.

Swinging is the most fun when someone pushes you.

And most importantly, safe driving skills.