Saturday, April 10, 2010

Birthday Boy and his Visitors

Well, only one month behind... oh well!

We had a really fun birthday party for Rajko a few days after his actual birthday. The highlight of the plans included the cake I had decided to make, and having his Grandma, Aunt Chelsea, and cousin Jack in town!Rajko got so many awesome presents, and he loves them. He will play for hours on end without much help or input. As long as I'm within his line of sight, he will play away...thanks to everyone for his gifts!

Chelsea, Jack, and my mom stayed for 1 week. It was awesome! These two boys began quite a fun friendship. Jack taught Rajko many of life's most important lessons. Some of them include:
The importance of a best friend. Both these boys have a Monkey that they are attached to.

How to play baseball.

How delicious chocolate milk is!

Watching T.V. is more fun if you cuddle.

Swinging is the most fun when someone pushes you.

And most importantly, safe driving skills.


Rasheta Family said...

very sweet post!

Billie Sue said...

I'm not sure how this post got past me -- I look every day????? What cute pictures! There are a bunch of pictures of the cutest little boys ever. They really do look like good friends having fun together. How could a Grandma be any more proud? Love those two!