Sunday, July 26, 2009

Exhausting Conversation

So while I was researching how to best cook the butternut squash I bought to make baby food for Rajko, I had him in the swing sitting next to me. We were "chatting" for about 10 minutes with a series of grunts and "ah, ah, ah"s, and he was chewing on a toy cow. Mid-sentence, he stopped talking and I heard a tiny THUD. I looked over, and this is what I found....

Our conversation must have worn him out, because he fell asleep while talking to me and the little THUD I heard was him dropping the cow in his lap as he dozed off. What a cutie...

Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Growing boy...

Wow, what a fun time in the life of a parent. Rajko is such an easy going and fun little guy. He is constantly smiling or laughing at us, flirting with everyone who will take time to look at him, and keeping us constantly laughing. He is super strong...he refuses to sit down all day. He just wants to be standing up. Even if I'm trying to carry him, he will push against my arm or stomach to straighten his legs and "stand" on my arm while I walk around with him.

He is so close to rolling over! He can go from back to side and side to stomach and vice versa, but he just won't do the whole thing together. He is also wanting to push around more when he's on his tummy. He tries to dig his toes in, but he's not really able to move around much.

And the mouth - everything goes in the mouth! I think it may be one of his main goals in life to fit his entire fist inside his mouth. He also likes rattles, stuffed animals, burp rags, bibs, and anything else he can get his hands on. If it touches his hand, it goes in the mouth...

Besides figuring out that the hands go in the mouth, he also loves his feet... Anytime I sit or lay him down, he focuses in and makes his "blue steel" face (more like a fish face with his tongue poking out), and starts playing and tugging on his feet.

Here are just a few pics from the last little while - I've actually been slacking in the photo department as well as the blog department. I think my new resolve will be to just post a picture or two or a video and a little blurb and call it good. Sometimes I feel like I try to make these posts so FULL and its really not necessary...right?

Anyway, enjoy!

The all-important Tummy Time on Mom and Dad's bed...

Playing in the Exersaucer while Mom cooks or cleans the kitchen

Shielding his eyes and face from the hot AZ sun...

Daddy isn't the only one who can fly!
(I love that at this point in his existence, he thinks I'm quite funny. I will hang onto this as long as possible.)

Grilling with Daddy in the backyard. Could I have two more handsome boys in my life???

Being crazy in the Exersaucer. We have a jumperoo which I'm sure he's going to love as soon as he's big enough for it!

Finally, we went to the Doc today. Everything looks good! Rajko weighed in at 14 lbs 14 oz. I thought he was bigger! Everyone keeps telling me that he's big for a 4 month old, but obviously not. He was in the 40th percentile for weight and height (the height measurements are always off). Just an update!

Monday, July 20, 2009


So I am fully aware that I have become the worst blogger ever. Life is insane, and I promise it is my intention to do a real post here sometime in the next day or so. But until then, here is a little teaser for you. This is an update from the last post.

We cannot believe how much our little guy has grown. He is not a little baby anymore!! See for yourself...