Tuesday, July 24, 2007

Some Cool News

If any of you don't know, I am dancing on a company called Origins which is headed up by Rick Robinson. Our show this year is called "One Night Only" and the new pieces are going to be a medley from the music from "Dreamgirls." We just found out that Benji Schwimmer (the winner of last year's SYTYCD) is going to choreograph part of the Ballroom section, so that is very exciting... He's definitely crazy, but I think it will be a good experience to work with him.


Billie Sue said...

Wow! How cool can that be? I am so excited for you to work with Benji. It might well be the high light of this show and the most rewarding! I thought the routine with Lauren and Pasha last night on SYTYCD should give you and Billie Jo some ideas for our Fright Night....however we will most likely have to change the name, as that is what we always used for the high school show. We will have the oldest group be the "Thriller" group with the finale` having all other groups joini them????? Yeah?

Rasheta Family said...

So jealous!! You are good at adding to your blog. Every time I look it up there is something new. We will have a lot more to add after tomorrow!! Can't wait to see you guys when you come.
Love, Anissa