Monday, July 9, 2007

4th of July Weekend

Well, I know everyone has beat me to it, but I'm finally getting around to my post on the 4th of July weekend we spent in Kamas!

Noah and I went to Oakley on the morning of the 4th for the parade, and I got to shake it leading the little girlies while Noah chilled in the truck with Max. Everyone was (as Chelsea already described) more excited to see him than me and were screaming at him from the sides of the road. He said he didn't know the majority of them, but they sure seemed to know him!

We also went to the Oakley Rodeo on the night of the 6th and stayed over at my parents house in Woodland. The next morning, Noah dropped me off in Kamas and I went and did some catering with the Gateway at the Canyons while he went to school and flew in Provo. He picked me up at the bottom of the ski lift and we rode to Woodland together to enjoy the rest of the afternoon at the Provo River diversion with my family--minus Max and Chelsea who had headed home earlier in the week. Check out the pics! Hopefully I can add something to the other two posts...

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Chelsea Johnson said...

Love the new layout--Love the pics! Seems like everyone had fun!