Tuesday, July 10, 2007

Noah at School

Noah is quickly becoming an amazing pilot! I was able to drive him to school today, so I stuck around to watch him do his pre-flight stuff as well as take off! It was so cool to see him doing all the stuff that the pilots did when they took us on an intro flight. He's the top of his class, and very very close to being able to fly solo--scary (for me) and exciting (for both of us...)!

I also got video of him taking off, so as soon as Noah posts it to YouTube, i'll put a link on here for you guys. You'll be so proud!


Billie Sue said...

I loved seeing Noah with the helicopter -- it makes it so real now instead of just hearing about it. I am glad he is excited about it and anxious to get ahead. Keep up the good work!

Chelsea Johnson said...

What a fun career to have Noah! We're very proud of how well you're doing. Keep up the good work!