Wednesday, November 14, 2007

Better Late than Never...right?

This is my beautiful, handsome nephew, Jack. If you haven't already seen them, go to Chelsea and Max's blog and look at the pictures...they are amazing.

Noah and I went down a few weekends ago so we could meet little Jack in person since we had to leave just hours before his birth! I just wanted to hold and hug him and never let go...

We also celebrated Billie Jo and Ellie Jo's birthdays (and it was Patrice's too) while we were there by having dinner at Red Lobster. Ellie decided on crab legs, and boy was she surprised when they came out and she realized there were legs on her plate!

She seems happy now...but after a while I think the crab legs were too much for her. She traded them to Uncle Max and her Dad and ate a little of my salmon.

It was a fun weekend...sorry it took so long to report! I don't have much going on right now...just working my buns off in school. A few more weeks in this semester before I get a break, and begin my FINAL semester before graduation!


Billie Sue said...

Wow! An eight year old gets crab legs! I actually have never ordered crab legs and I might tend to be like Ellie and trade them off for salmon! When I have tasted it, it seems very sweet, but then again, the lobster was absolutely to die for the the DR this summer and I had never ordered that either! Fun, fun, fun!

The Richards family said...

I am glad you got to go visit Jack and celebrate everyones birthdays!! And now it is Thanksgiving so you will all be together again. FUN FUN FUN. I love the pictures of you and Jack. Did you take the picture of Ellie? That is so funny (I would have traded too) What a blogger to have the camera ready for anything!!!!

Billie Jo said...

We did have so much fun that weekend and thank you for taking some pictures since I forgot my camera. You are an awesome auntie and uncle just for driving down for the day!