Wednesday, December 19, 2007


Grades are in...and my 19 credit semester that nearly kicked my butt ended up not so bad after all. I was a couple absences short of a 4.0...Silly weight lifting.

Dance History (3 Credits) A
Dance Kinesiology (4 Credits) A
Current Issues in Dance (3 Credits) A
International Ballroom Dance IV (2 Credits) A
Aerobics II (1 Credit) A
Weight Training (1 Credit) A-
Senior Capstone I (1 Credit) A
American Social Dance Teaching Methods (2 Credits) A
Fundamentals of Coaching (2 Credits) A


Billie Sue said...

Let me be the first to say CONGRATULATIONS!!!!! I guess the stress pox were well deserved, but worth it! I knew you could do it and will do it again next semester!
Relax with your husband now that finals and the Christmas Show are over! By the way -- WONDERFUL SHOW!

Chelsea Johnson said...

Yes, I have been meaning to ask about your infected boils...Mom told me about them. What did they end up being? Great job on the grades! You are such a little smartie!

Rasheta Family said...

Wow, I bet you feel better, and less stress. What a crazy schedule, and you were able to pull off those grades, you are awesome. Now you have a couple of weeks to play with us!! See you in 3 days! --Anissa

Giselle and Noah Rasheta said...

Chels--I don't want to tell you what they were. I'm too embarrassed to publish it. I'll have to tell you when I see you in person. Let's just say I'm in bad shape...and the bumps are not getting better yet.

McNeil Family said...

What grade did you get in dance dance revolution? I got an A+. I must admit that those are good grades. Perhaps your tying me on the ACT was not a fluke after all.

Giselle and Noah Rasheta said...

Ha ha, thanks Allen. I know it might seem like these are easy classes, but they really weren't. Kinesiology was rough, and Dance History was ridiculous. I'm pretty sure there were 3 of us out of the class of 30 who got A's, and I was the only one in Kinesiology to get an A. Over half the class got C+, but you have to get a B- to have the class qualify toward your degree. I bet they're so mad!!!

The only fluke is that I didn't beat you on the ACT. Just kidding. We're equally smart--and we just chose to use our intellect in different ways. How's that?

Staci said...

From reading this post it sounds like you might have got the same thing I got in college... At first they thought it as herpes, but then after taking a swab and sending it to the lab it came back as a staph infection... Now, every time I get stressed and worn down I break out with boils and sores... You might want to get a 2nd opinion... They Are NOT fun!!!

Dad said...

Remember when you were mad at me for not giving you a 100% in Chemistry. You still seem to have the same drive and ability that you had in High School. We are excited for your upcoming graduation. That will make four different Universities for our five kids. I am glad that we have spread the McNeil intellect and spirit throughout the state. Come up and see us sometime.