Saturday, August 9, 2008

Belated Bear Lake

Well, everyone already knows that I was able to spend some time with my family at Bear Lake after the 24th, but I left my camera in Utah, so these pics are a little belated. I also just wanted to put up pics of everyone's kids that they didn't have, so they could see them. Enjoy!!!

The Buti's...I love these girls and I was so excited to be able to spend so much time hangin out with them as Mommy #2!


The Gunner-boys! I loved to watch these boys play endlessly in the sand, working hard and running around...and the more running around Noah did, the more booty we would see. Crack kills, Noah!

Sweetest smartest Jack boy! I'm sure those diapers were fun to clean up after all the sand my sweet boy ate on that beach, haha...


Hiking Minnetonka Cave! 40 degrees, rock formations, 888 kind of hike! I love being with my sisters so so so so much! I just wish my sweet hubby could have been there with me.

Enjoying swimming in the pool as well! We did get to enjoy 1 day with Grandma, Grandpa, Rob and Great-Grandpa...

Billie Jo did awesome her first time ever on a wakeboard, and Chelsea was pro enough to even pose for the camera. Olivia also rocked the wakeboard, but I didn't get a picture :(


Everyone loves the tube!!! (Except me... I have no interest in being bounced and thrown into the water, I dunno why!) Rick is on the left, Tim and Olivia on the right...everyone being thrown around like crazy! The kids liked the tube until it would go nose down, when they vowed never to do it again, haha.

*If you didn't get my e-mail, brothers and sisters, you can download a compressed folder of all of my pictures of your kids and our adventures at


Billie Jo said...

Awesome and I am so glad that your camera arrived safely. You have a special place in my girls lives and I know that they think of you dearly. I only hope that I can be aas big of an influene in your babies life. Fantastic pictures!!!

Josh said...

Giselle thanks so much for your input, haha (that sounds silly!) But its so good to hear from friends and people back home... we miss home A LOT! But we are having a teriffic time too...

I'm so excited that you're having a little Rasheta... I hope it's a little creative Noah haha! We're so excited for you guys! Beware though, no matter what do not let the baby be born on March 7th! It's 'You Know Who's' birthday! (Hint: the Dictator! He stabs people with pencils if they make fun of him! He hopes to win the Tour de France someday...) That day is a cursed day! Haha! Take care you guys! Miss you both!

Chelsea Johnson said...

Love it, love it love it! So glad you got so many great pics!

The Gunnerson Family said...

I am so glad that you were with us even if it wasn't for the whole week! Of all the activities we did I think that I liked having/giving pedicures the most. It was so great to enjoy time with my sister and talk and enjoy each others company. Thanks for making the effort to be there. Thanks for the pic too, they are great.

Jody said...

I haven't been to Bear Lake since I was a little kid. Looks like I've been missing out!

rachel~ said...

Bear lake is so fun. Yyou are going to be an excellent mom Giselle. I don't know if you've seen my most recent post but the pregnant news is out! I am so scared about school! Have you ever heard of a pregnant ballet major?? I haven't. ~yikes~

The Cox Family said...

I think it is so fun that everyone has gone up there in the last few weeks. Next year we need to plan it so that everyone is there at the same time! Great pictures!