Wednesday, September 10, 2008

6 Quirks

6 quirks about myself.
Here are the rules:

* Link the person who tagged you
* List 6 of your quirks
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Josh tagged me.

My 6 quirks are:

• I have a habit of answering my phone in a funny voice for some of my close friends and family and it's a different voice for each one (yoda, high pitch spanish squeak, etc) The problem is that when I'm somewhere like a client meeting with several strangers in the room and one of those people call me, I can't answer in my normal voice and that's how they know that I'm not alone or in a place where I can talk openly.

• I eat oreos by placing the entire cookie in my mouth and then drinking enough milk to soften the cookie and swallow it. Giselle taught me this. Thanks babe!

• What can I say... I have a thing for cereal! I like to eat rather large servings of cereal in big bowls multiple times a day. I feel like if I don't have cereal the day just isn't complete. I like every kind of cereal out there and I make sure that when we buy cereal we rotate through the brands and flavors. I like the healthy and the non-healthy. You can name almost any brand of cereal and I can assure you it has a special place in my heart.

• I also have a weakness for tech gadgets and software. I like to have the latest tech toys and I usually just own it just long enough to play with it and then sell it so I don't suffer buyers remorse. I should be gadget critic! I collect software... I have all the main titles for both mac and pc and I continually keep my collection updated with the best of the best.

• I am very adventurous and explorative. I would spend the rest of my life traveling and exploring the world if I could. My goal is to visit all 7 continents at some point of my life. I only have 3 left!

• I have a courtesy laugh that I tend to insert at almost any pause or moment of silence in a conversation or after little comments or jokes by others. I hadn't noticed this till it was recently pointed out to me. I guess it's so ingraned in me that it's just natural for me now and doesn't seem fake to me. I'm trying to at least catch myself so that I know when I'm doing it. If I've ever given you my courtesy laugh and you thought it was just that, "a courtesy laugh", rest assured that it was not. It was a genuin chuckle that sounds like a courtesy laugh! Haha

I now tag: Earl, Allen, Max, Tim, Rick, and Nik
I expect your wives to help you or to write them for you if you refuse... they'll tell it how it is!


Giselle and Noah Rasheta said...

I can't think of a more perfect tag for you, after all, you are definitely quirky :) I have to say, I'm glad you got the oreo thing from me, and also that I got your courtesy laugh!!! My sisters always notice it when I'm talking to them and call it my "Noah laugh"...

People, if you haven't tried eating oreos this way, I challenge you to do so. It saves your milk from getting all disgusting!

Chelsea Johnson said...

Oh I am definitely mad about all the courtesy laughs you have given me!! Just kidding, Noah. I loved hearing all the quirky things about you, and its cute that you got the oreo thing from Giselle. What a cutie couple you two are!

The Gunnerson Family said...

Ha, ha. I am getting a good laugh right now, and not just a courtesy laugh! I am trying to help Rick think of all his fun little quirks, but he thinks I am just using this as an opportunity to point out all the things he does that annoy me!