Monday, January 5, 2009

Christmas in Utah

So before leaving, we did decorate our house...I thought I'd include a few pictures, because I do LOVE our tree. This isn't the greatest picture of it, but I thought I'd include it just the same. Every year when my brown and gold tree goes up and I start wrapping all the matching presents to put below it, I just love it!

Our tree, gifts, nativity, and stockings...
The beautiful nativity my mom gave us last year had nowhere to go except right under the tree..

Then we headed north to the snow. And WOW, we got snow. It was one of the strangest storms I've ever seen in Kamas. It seemed like the snow was coming in from the side or up from the ground! These are just a few pictures Noah snapped of the snow. He'll probably want to add some other photos that he took while he was there.

The snow in Tim and Billie Jo's backyard...

On the Saturday after Christmas, we had the Bisel family Christmas party. We had a horse drawn sleigh ride, sledding, and of course a HUGE buffet. Here are some pics of the awesome party!
Sleigh Ride!

Mia playing in the snow at the church.
Rick and Baby Noah
Billie Jo and Tess
Billie Jo and Tess
Luke and Noah

Noah LOVING life in the snow...
Noah flying down the hill...
Amber and Ellie after just one of their many crashes...
Noah and Tess
Rob enjoyed the snow, too!

Thank you to everyone for hosting us for Christmas. It was wonderful to be in the snow, and around my family! It was so much fun! Thank you for Tim and Billie Jo for letting us stay in your home. We loved seeing everyone and I want to do it more and more often!

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Billie Sue said...

I love the baskets! They are so clever! I'm proud of you little home-making girl! I do love the changing table cover--it will be so cute. Thank you for the lovely post about Christmas. I didn't get any sledding pictures, as I was putting all the meats in to cook and cleaning up the place for round two. Will you share with me? I love each shot! Just think -- someday you will all live up there and have your very own sledding hill! Can't wait until the 17th!