Friday, October 9, 2009

Rajko's newest pictures

Our little guy will be 7 months old tomorrow! I can't believe how hast time is going by. We sure love our little Rajko!!

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Billie Sue said...

Oh my heavens.....that is the cutest little Rajko ever! The pictures are wonderful and those eyes are irrestible! I would like to say he looks like his Mama, but I think his Dad's genes come out pretty strong. I think he has grown since we last saw him and I think we'd better not wait too much longer before we see him in person! We just arrived at Chelsea's and we are all looking and oohhhing at this beautiful little boy!

The Richards family said...

Oh Giselle he is adorable!!

Billie Jo said...

When did you swap Rajko for some old mature looking toddler? I am pretty sure he should still be in his newborn jammies and sleeping all day!!!! He is so stinking cute. I need that little face to kiss kiss kiss.

Kati said...


Seriously...where did the time go? He looks go grown up in these pictures! I agree with Billie Jo...he should be in newborn jammies sleeping all day!

That last picture of his little profile is just killing me. So, so cute! What a beautiful child.

jOsH & kAyCi said...

Giselle, he is seriously the cutest kid! He is growing so fast! He looks like a little boy now not even a baby! Very Cute!!!