Thursday, January 20, 2011

Silver State Rears its Ugly Head!

House Update

Remember these days? I sure do. Noah was flying everyday and kicking butt! He was loved by all the instructors at Silver State and was without doubt one of the top student pilots. We were preparing for another year of flight school, followed by a couple years of teaching at the school, then we would be off on a big adventure! The Gulf, some remote Search and Rescue facility, maybe a tour site...we didn't know what life would bring, but we knew it would revolve around a career in flying.

Then one day Noah woke up and went to meet his instructor for a flight, and the doors of the school were locked, with a little sign stating that Silver State no longer existed. They filed for bankruptcy without notice and conveniently the day after depositing each and every student's full tuition loan amount. Hundreds of students across the country lost not only their dream, but A LARGE sum of money as well.

Well... we've moved on from this. It's a story in our past, but it doesn't shape who we are or what we plan to do in life. Or so we thought!

Unfortunately, the loan is tied up in a law suit that has no real hope of settling soon. They have decided that they will be pro-rating the amount somehow, but haven't settled on exactly how. So until that unknown and possibly never-arriving settlement date, this enormous private loan rests on our name.

So long USDA mortgages... So long house under contract in Wild Willow...

You might feel like I'm really sad or depressed reading this, but actually, it's for informational purposes only! I figured everyone would want an update on the house. Noah and I feel fine with everything. There's nothing we can do but move on and try to make something happen in the future, so that's what we're doing. There's still a SMALL possibility that we could end up with the house, but it's unlikely, so don't hold your breath.

Going to Mexico June 2011

In WAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAY exciting news, Noah and I decided to cancel our trip to China in June in favor of going to Guadalajara and Puerta Vallarta with the ENTIRE Rasheta family! Adventure trips are fun, but spending time with family is even better. This is the first time that everyone will have been there together since the Rasheta family is basically "complete" (minus a few future grandchildren).

For those of you who don't know, Tere grew up in Guadalajara, and that's enough to make it special for the family. But when Nik and Noah were about 13 or 14, they decided to move the entire family to Mexico! They lived there until after the boys' missions, when they moved to Utah to go to school. I know how much I love Kamas, and if I only got to visit every few years, it would be even more special than it is. I cannot wait to be there again. So much good food and so many traditions will make this an extremely special trip. Plus, I've never been to Puerta Vallarta! :)

Now...buying Rajko's first plane ticket ever is NOT my favorite part of the trip, haha. Well, I should say using 35,000 flight miles on a 20 lb kid is not my favorite part.


The Gunnerson Family said...

Oh my gosh! I am so sorry about the loan and the house. I KNOW how frustrating it is to try and get a loan in this time of the economy! It sure doesn't help to have huge student loans! Trust me, we know.

The trip to Mexico sounds so fun! I am sure that you guys will have a blast.

Billie Sue said...

It is unfortunate how the financial system works and people can just cheat and steal other's money and never be concerned about how it will affect their future...AND GET AWAY WITH IT! You are doing the right thing, however, to not let yourselves get bogged down in the injustice of it all. It is up to each of us to find happiness, so good for you two! Move on, even though it may be difficult! The trip will be wonderful and you two deserve it! We will keep hoping and praying that some how, some way, things might work out on the house!

Anonymous said...

Uncle Eric and I traveled by private jet to Puerta Vallarta in 1985 and it was the best thing that ever happens to me, I loved it. That is the one time we went past Delta!!! Have fun.

Anonymous said...

Giselle! I can't believe it! My brother was flying at Silver State too! What a terrible thing huh?! I had NO idea you guys were in the same boat! I am so sorry! Cute blog :)

McNeil Family said...

Hmm, how did I read this and not comment? I have noticed many times in my life that as I look back I can see that Heavenly Father had his hand guiding my life. I'm not saying that I understood things or liked them, but I know everything was for our good. I know this will be for you guys too!

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