Monday, April 11, 2011

Enjoying the Brotherhood of Cousinhood

I have mixed feelings about this picture. I mean, it's adorable, and I'm happy that we're understanding the concept of saying "cheese" and smiling for a picture. However, every little thing he does that shows me he's growing up just makes my heart ache. I love my BABY boy!


There aren't enough good things to be said about having Jack and Chelsea living in the same house as us. It's been SO good for both Jack and Rajko to have a playmate to spend the days with. Jack really enjoys being the older, wiser cousin and Rajko is content to copycat everything that Jack does. Older cousins are great for many things...a few of which include:

-Getting Oreos for you anytime you want. Which is a lot.

-Teaching you to jump off the steps. For now I've contained him to just the bottom step.

-Convincing you that wearing hats is cool! Something your mother could not do.

-Making baths twice as fun as usual. And never wanting bath time to end.

Chelsea and Jack have actually rented an apartment in Oakley and are slowly moving things over there. Jack told his mom that he didn't want to live in Oakley because then he wouldn't live with Rajko. Rajko returned the favor when we went to church yesterday and he just kept asking me where Jack was, since it was their first day apart in a week.

What a fun brotherhood cousinhood can be...

And now for some pics of said Oreos and bath time.


The Gunnerson Family said...

Yep, that is it. It's 90% of the reason that Rick and I wanted to raise our children here in Woodland, so they can be close to their cousins and always have "best friends" around. We love it too!

Billie Sue said...

Cutest pictures ever! Cutest boys ever! I LOVE it and I am SAD that Chelsea and Jack are moving to Oakley. They are so cute together and do mimic everything each other does. Fortunately, they are both really good little boys and do provide entertainment for one another. one never gets enough mothering. You say how much you love Rajko and that is how I feel about my children and really like it much better when they are near than when they are far. Go Rajko and Jack! Live life to the last Oreo...and then we will buy some more!

Billie Jo said...

Best thing ever to have cousins that live this close. We all love that Jack and Chelsea are so close. I am especially excited for Rajko to have such a close "brother". Although we have missed hearing Mia Mia Mia so much!

McNeil Family said...

Poor Jack and Rajko! I guess we'll just have to be happy that Oakley is not quite as far as St. George.

Chelsea Johnson said...

I love these little brother cousins....Jack does ask me for a brother every single day, and actually did tell me that Rajko is now his brother and he doesn't want to move away from him. Maybe Jack can just stay and I can go??:) Thank you so so so so much for being Jack's second mom these past few weeks!


woowww a nice kid..... happy... i like it

hapi said...

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Nicklepickle said...

K he is looking more and more like his daddy everyday!!! It's kind of creepy how much he looks like Noah.

Aimee & Cole said...

So cute! Boys are so much fun.

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