Tuesday, October 2, 2007


Jobs I've had- Babysitting (I think I was 10-about 16), Dick's Drive In 2 Summers, Gateway Grille (busser, hostess), Body Motion Dance Company (assistant teacher, teacher), Applebee's (expo, hostess/busser), Billiejo Clothing Company (cashier, swimwear consultant), Hapari Swimwear (consultant, management assistant), UVSC (back-up ballroom team director). Wow--that's a lot of jobs for being so young!

Places I love to go for a weekend- Guadalajara--just enough time to eat tacos, visit the Glorieta, and come home!

Guilty pleasures- eating, watching T.V., and reading. Basically my guilty pleasures include anything that I can do to stall from doing homework or cleaning. I'm horrible!

Places I have lived-Woodland, Orem, Pleasant Grove (wow...quite the spread)

First thing I thought when I met Noah- Wow, cute AND spanish speaker...Jenna is lucky!

Places I've been on vacation- Hawaii (twice), Nauvoo, Las Vegas, California (Disneyland), Mexico (East Coast, West Coast, border cities, Guadalajara), Florida (Daytona Beach), Yellowstone (can you call the 8th grade science research trip vacation?), Canada (Edmonton), London, Paris, Rome, Venice, Prestwick and Glasgow, Barra.

Favorite Food- Wow, it might be easier to say what I don't like...mushrooms, peach fuzz, anything with a really funky texture.

If I am in a jam with Noah- What's a jam, haha? I actually don't fight with Noah. One time I was frustrated about something stupid, so I closed the front door hard when I left, and I was so upset about it I cried all the way to school and immediately called to apologize.

Best first kiss landmark- Noah's BMW...he had waited very patiently!

Places I'd rather be- I love live as it is, but right now....I'd rather be in London.


Billie Sue said...

Oh...you're so funny! What's a jam??? I hope you two can always stay that way, but then again - talk to Rick and Olivia about the make-up part!

Chelsea Johnson said...

The nerve it must've taken you to "close the door hard!" I wish we were all that lucky that we never fought with our spouses! You two are truly a good example to all of us. I'm glad you finally got "tagged!"

Donald & Tiffany Jack said...

Wow! You guys have been to Prestwick. What an adventure. There really aren't too many people on the planet who would claim that...but congratulations anyway.

Giselle and Noah Rasheta said...

Ha ha...thanks Donny. We actually just flew into Prestwick international on our way to Glasgow on our way to Barra, so yeah...but it was BEAUTIFUL! I'll claim it anytime! :)

The Gunnerson Family said...

I am glad that you never get in a "Jam" with Noah. Rick and I like to think of our "jams" as the spice of life. And let's just say we like things spicy! I pretty much knew most of that about you, so now your goal is to get Noah to answer!