Tuesday, December 2, 2008


Our friend Reagan Powell tagged Giselle and I:
(These are Noah's responses)
8 t.v. shows I enjoy watching:
1. The Office
2. The Simpsons
3. The Amazing Race
4. Heroes
5. Survivor
6. Whale Wars
7. Locked Up Abroad
8. Anything on the History, Discovery or National Geographic Channel
8 things that happened yesterday:
1. Started a new job
2. Ate a sandwich
3. Sold a website
4. Talked on the phone
5. Ate krispy kreme! Boo ya!
6. Watched Heroes
7. Foresaw the future
8. Stopped time twice!
8 things I am looking forward to:
1. Being a daddy!
2. Being a daddy!
3. Being a daddy!
4. Flying a helicopter again!
5. Flying a helicopter again!
6. Christmas in Utah
7. Getting a new car (if mine dies)
8. Oh... did I mention becoming a dad!!
8 things I LOVE about fall:
1. There is no fall in AZ!
8 things on my wish list:
1. World Peace! Haha
2. To visit all 7 continents. Only 3 to go!
3. To fly a helicopter regularly.
4. To be the best dad I can be
5. Have superpowers
6. To travel around the world
7. I wish you a merry Christmas
8. I wish upon a star
8 people I tag:
1. Nik and Anissa
2. Anyone else who wants to be tagged

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Billie Sue said...

Now, I was just wondering if you really want to be a Dad? Ha ha. JK. Cute post and informational -- although I probably knew most of the stuff, a couple of things did confuse me, like--how did you stop time?

Chelsea Johnson said...

Oh you are always such a jokester, Noah! I can't wait for you to be a dad, either. You two are going to be wonderful parents!

McNeil Family said...

Made time stop twice...big deal. Time actually stands still at my office.

The Gunnerson Family said...

So what superpower do you want? Sound like you already have the ability to stop time. What more could you want? You superheros are so hard to please.