Thursday, December 17, 2009

Airfare from SLC

Airfare from SLC to Phoenix on Delta is on sale right now for only $138 round trip. 
Anyone wanna come visit us? Check out the deals going on from SLC by clicking the link below:

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Billie Sue said...

I would come in a heartbeat to see my family there if:
1. I didn't have tickets to see the most raved about dance production this side west of the Mississippi -- Body Motion Dance Company Christmas Show!
2. I didn't have last minute rehearsals for the Kamas Valley Community Choir presentation on Sat.
3. I wasn't getting the decorations put up at the Stake Center for the above show.
4. I wasn't singing at Donna Kirkham's funeral on Sat.
5. I wasn't going to a skating party with the Young Single's on Sat. night!
6. I wasn't conducting the greatest concert this side west of the Mississippi Sunday night!
Those are the only things keeping me away from my Phoenix kids -- or believe me -- I would be there! Keep watching, however, you never know when I'll jump on a plane and head down!
Love, Mom