Monday, December 28, 2009

Merry Christmas!

A couple days before Christmas, I let Rajko play with this box of Kleenex. The desired effect was achieved. I now know what Rajko will be getting for his birthday - several boxes of Kleenex!

Rajko playing with the ball he received from one of his Beautiful Buti cousins...

I wish I had the next few pictures on video. It was a classic case of too many cool toys!
1. Ooh, I like this chair and pretty crayons.

2. Hmm....stay right there, crayons, while I check out this other cool thing. Don't go anywhere.

3. Hello noisy table!

4. Oh no...which to choose?? Maybe I can reach both at the same time.

5. CRASH! Not quite. (As he slides of the chair and splats on his bottom.)


Rajko finally decided to really start eating. He has been consuming large amounts of oatmeal, various soups, any of mommy and daddy's food, and even some chunky baby food.
Hopefully all this food will help Rajko go up on the weight chart. Although...I don't think he's starving. What do you think?
And last but not least...LOTS OF TEETH!7 to be specific. Top 4, 3 on the bottom so far. The top 4 came in one week, followed by #7 on the bottom the next week. Lots of sleepless nights!


Michael & Mindy said...

Ah! He is so dang cute! I love the new header picture...adorable!

Chelsea Johnson said...

What a great Christmas for that sweet boy! I cannot wait to see those chompers in action this weekend! Thursday cannot get here soon enough!

Billie Sue said...

Ohhh....I am so excited to see Rajko! I LOVE the Kleenex video! It looks as if he LOVED his new toys and will enjoy playing with his new-found items of entertainment. He IS adorable!!!!

Billie Jo said...

Love him no matter what he is doing!!! I wish we could have spent the New Year together. Hope he enjoys the globe ball for a while.

Nate and Stacia said...

The Christmas pictures are SO cute & I love how you captured him in action! And the bathtub picture? He is too stinkin' cute!