Thursday, September 16, 2010

Wisdom at 4 am :)

No, this picture wasnt taken at 4 am. It is just one of my favorites on my phone, so I had easy access. Anyway...

It feels good to know that even mediocre mommies have super human powers.

How else could we comfort a child who is crying for no apparent reason, survive for years on tiny amounts of interrupted sleep, stand over our sick babies' cribs for hours in the middle of the night-just because they feel better with your hand on their back, be thrown up on, pooped on, drooled on, and cried on, and finally be turned on when they're old enough to realize that their dad is cooler than you, and still manage to be absolutely in love with and obsessed with our children?

Now where did I put my tights and cape?


The Gunnerson Family said...

It is amazing how being a mom comes with so many super human skills. There are so many times that I catch myself feeling like, "Oh my gosh, I am the mother here. I am in charge of three small children's lives." Good thing we have those super powers! You must be much more than a medicore mom because Noah just asked me the other day when Aunt Giselle could babysit them again!

Billie Sue said...

I love seeing each of my children go through the stage of discovery...discovering how much a parent loves their child! Then you begin to understand how much I love each of you and how many hours I spent doing the same thing you are now doing! And, by the are so much more than mediocre mom! Don't ever put yourself down....there are always others who will do that job for you, so cross that one off your list. Rajko is so lucky to have you as his mommie! There are just things you will do for him that no one else ever will!

[Stacia] said...

Great post! I've always felt that the moment a child is thriving in it's mother's body, she is given special abilities that allow only her to be the mother that child needs. Although lately, I've felt the loss of those super mommy powers and the glaring realization that without them I am just a mediocre mom... maybe if I could just locate MY tights and cape. :)

Chelsea Johnson said...

Loved. This. Post.
Except you forgot the part about pulling hard-as-a-rock-poops from your baby's rectum.

Can I borrow your tights and cape? Apparently my parenting manual didn't come complete with one.

Giselle and Noah Rasheta said...

Chelsea, hahahahahah, but SO SAD :(! I didn't know how people would take it if I talked about that HORRIBLE experience (for both Rajko and I). Literally one of the saddest few minutes of my life.

Carlee Raymond said...

This post is cute! Mommies definitely have super human powers. I find that even though I'm grown my mommy still knows just how to comfort her child who is crying for no apparent reason :)

Khayyam said...

I'm glad you got the cape included. Our mommy kit was missing that accesory as well as the complete instruction manuel. However, we did get the part about the daddy being cool but the fine print indicated that the feeling was temporary and reverts to the mommy for the remainder of life. So all the hard stuff is worth it.

Nicklepickle said...

Of course you are invited! Staci is sending out the invites this week. That's why I asked for your address last week.

Nicklepickle said...

Ummm... Anything BUT clothes. This baby girl is SET with clothes. She inherited all of Sienna's baby stuff. Basically I registered for stuff we need so anything in those categories (on the registry or not) are perfect. I'm so excited to see you! It's going to be so fun! Did you get the invite yet?

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