Sunday, October 17, 2010

St. George Visit and Ring Around the Rosie...

Rajko just started going to nursery. The first time, he started crying but they told me to go ahead and leave him. Chelsea has told me before how annoying it is when parents stick around, so I quickly left and assumed all would be well eventually. I came back between classes (one hour later) and he was still bawling. :( Needless to say, I have stayed with Rajko in nursery the past couple of weeks.

Today I looked down and saw my BABY playing Ring Around the Rosie. It was the cutest, sweetest thing I've ever seen, yet I was heartbroken as well. I can't believe my baby is that grown up. It makes me so sad... I wish I could just freeze time and keep Rajko the way he is now. Here are a few things you should know about 19 mo. old Rajko:

He says the words: Nani (Mommy), Dada, Hi, Bye, Pleeeease, Doggie, Mm-hmm (yes), No, Uh-uh (no), UH OH, Oh no!, Agua, Uva, Mas, Binky, Thank You, Please, Grandpa, Lita (Abuelita), Up, Balloon, Ball, Bubbles, Stuck, Poo-pooh, Shoes, Side (outside) and probably some others I can't think of right now.

He still has a binky. YIKES! I told myself he'd be done at a year. Then at a year and a half. Oh well... he loves it. Maybe at two years. ;)

He absolutely loves being outside. He wants to go outside all the time. This could become difficult as it gets to be winter.

He is obsessed with shoes. He will wear my shoes around the house (he can't usually walk in Noah's) including everything from flip flops to tennis shoes to stilettos. If we aren't wearing shoes, he will bring some to us to wear.

He is kind of a momma's boy. Every sentence starts with "Nani" then a string of jibberish. He is really talkative, and I can't wait to see what happens when he learns enough words to start putting together real sentences.

So yep...little boy is growing up! Here are a few shots from the past few days. We went to Chelsea's to visit for Fall Break and we had a blast. Rajko loved playing outside and with his cousins, and we had fun making lots of crafts!

Rajko took a bath at Billie Jo's tonight and got ready for bed while Noah and I were at Stake Choir practice. This little boy is so handsome that he can even rock pink pajamas with ruffles and bows!

Rajko at Staheli Family Farm. He loved it!
McNeil Cousins at Staheli Family Farm
After a successful mission through the corn maze...

We've been into sewing and crafting quite a bit lately. I made Rajko this "snuggie" so he won't freeze in the car, and he absolutely loves it!

I made these headbands for the girls for fall. I totally love them.

I also made this headband for Olivia. Between these headbands, a bunch of fabric flowers, and the two onsies that I made for my future niece or nephew, my fingers were about bleeding, but I loved it. I will have to post some pictures of the onesies soon.

That's it for now!!


Billie Sue said...

I love your post! I was touched at the "growing pains" of seeing your baby playing "Ring Around the Rosies." This is just the beginning of the realization that your baby will not always be a baby. You must journal your thoughts, because once the experience is over, it is difficult to keep that thought. I can't tell you how darling the headbands are!!! If I didn't have the rule of, "if your granddaughters wear should NOT," I would want one for myself. For now, I will just admire them on someone else. However, they are so cute, cute, cute! The onesies are to die for cute! I am impressed with your sewing skills and perfection. They are really cute! Rajko is a doll and I love to hear him doing his jibberish! How I love my own kids and my darling grandchildren! The kids loved Stelhi Farms and so...that gives me more ideas...that means I need your input!

Kade and Kaylee said...

Love the little snuggie you made! I want to buy one for myself! You are super crafty girl! Those head bands are adorable!

Billie Jo said...

It was a FUN week together. Rajko can rock the pink jammies, the only thing he needs now is a pink Barbie jeep and life would be super sweet. Keep crafting, I love the benefits!

The Gunnerson Family said...

Thanks so much for the fun get-a-way, and especially for the new headband! I'm not even going to try and keep up with your awesome crafting skills! I hope that my little one will get to wear the flower onesie, but even if it has to be the tractor, it will still be adorable!. It would totally help take the sting out of having another boy.

McNeil Family said...

Oh I love the crafts! And so sad Evan missed out on trip to St. George. Like I said, you should come over and be my crafting buddy... except maybe not since I can't keep up with your skills.

rachel and wes said...

so cute. send that picture of Rajko on the tractor to a magazine and he can begin his modeling career. :) Zurik is having the same problems with nursery. He now doesn't cry the entire time, but he won't let the nursery leader put him down. (kinda embarrassing that she has to do everything with 1 hand) Also, he still has a binki for sleeping. I think getting rid of it is overrated. I mean, if i am having a hard time sleeping and had an object like that to instantly soothe me, i would still use it!

Chelsea Johnson said...

Love, love, LOVE all the crafts! However, I do not love the burn on my finger that is still horrible! I'm so glad you were able to make it down! I loved having you there! Love that little Rajko and his jibberish!

sandra said...

so cute pictures :)

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