Monday, November 10, 2008

Our weekend in Pinetop, AZ

A couple of weeks ago we had the opportunity to go to Pinetop with our good friends Nate and Celeste for the weekend. We had a great time up there and here are a few of the pictures we were able to take in between the "exploring", "hiking" and just "relaxing".

Here is a view of the cabins where we stayed. We went hiking on one of the trails just behind the cabins.

Giselle was jumping around and playing on this bridge.

Nate and Celeste and Giselle and I

On our way back down the canyon we stopped to take a picture of the scenery.

I almost fell. Don't worry, it was only a couple thousand feet or so!

Someone help me please!

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Billie Sue said...

Oh my!!! It all looks pretty real--the relaxing weekend, the hiking, and the almost falling! I have heard my parents talk about the canyon between Phoenix and Pinetop many times, but I've never seen pictures. Beautiful country, but it looks like the road could have been quite windy for my taste!. Fun - though. Thanks for the update!

Giselle and Noah Rasheta said...

That was such a fun weekend. We are seriously so luck to have Nate and Celeste here...they have become more than just friends, they are our family. We absolutely love spending time with them, and we always have so much fun!

Thanks for posting these pics, babe...I was starting to think I would never get around to it. I love you!

The Gunnerson Family said...

Wow, beautiful pictures! Looks like a really fun place for a weekend getaway. I am glad that you got to take a little time away with your friends. Noah, those pictures are great. Rick never would've done that, I think he is a little afraid of heights.

P.S. Giselle, I always felt like I had a cold when I was pregnant. I constantly had a stuffy for 9 months. Sorry, but it will eventually go away. So many joys of pregnancy.

Billie Jo said...

It looks like a fun little vacation. I know where you can take your next vacation. It has to deal with little girls and a dance studio. Sorry no monkeys will be involved!

Jody said...

That looks like a great place to get away. I'm jealous. You look fabulous Giselle. Hope you're feeling well.

The Fishers said...

Giselle and Noah thanks for coming with us and making the trip so much fun!! We love you guys and can't wait to plan our next adventure.

Chelsea Johnson said...

Very funny pictures, Noah(the previous post)! Pinetop looks very pretty! Glad you were able to get away for a little vacay!

Fatty Addy! said...

How nice that must have been to go on a vacation. It looks so beautiful and peaceful. Giselle I can't believe how far along you are getting before no time you are going to be a Mommy. I remember when you were born. I am excited to see what your cute baby looks like. Take care.

Reagan & Mike said...

how fun for you guys! And I didn't get to tell you giselle but congrats on a boy! I'll havr to get you something different. those red hot pants just might not work! ha ha. I did the same thing, Waiting for him to move up my due date but no. didn't budge. ha. its getting closer though! yay!