Thursday, November 20, 2008

Time to test your hearing.

This is really interesting! I expect everyone to post a comment! These tones will make you realize how your hearing gets worse as you get older. Test your hearing and see which tones you can still hear, then bring your kids into the room and ask them. I bet they'll hear the ones that adults can't! Which ones can you hear?

The scale goes like this:
50-59 year olds can hear 11Khz
40-50 can hear 11 & 12 KHz
30-39 you can hear from 11, 12, 13, and 14 KHz
18-24 can hear up to 16 KHz
18 and under can hear up to 18 KHz

11 KHz
12 KHz
13 KHz
14 KHz
15 KHz
16 KHz
17 KHz
18 KHz


Smack said...

Ummm, maybe you're just going deaf cuz you're pregger... we heard all of em', is that weird?

The Fishers said...

That's pretty interesting. I could hear all of them except the last one. I could hear it start but nothing after that. Weird!

Noah Rasheta said...

I can hear 11-15 pretty easily, 16 is iffy I can hear the click when it starts and the click when it ends but I can't really tell if I hear the actual humm anymore. 17 and 18 are just silence to me. Crazy!

The DiStefano Family said...

Haha. I hear them all. I must have the ears of an 18 year old still! I have heard of this before. They have a ringtone now that is like the 18. Only teens and kids can hear it so they don't get in trouble during school. Funny...

The Gunnerson Family said...

I was really surprised that I could hear all of the pretty easily because in college I attempted to be park of a hearing test study (for extra credit in an Audiology class) only to be turned down because I failed the initial hearing test. Luke was with me in the room, and while I could hear the tones, Luke was actually saying "ouch", so he must have better hearing than me.

Billie Sue said...

I can hear 18 and 17, but not 16--like Noah, I can hear the click that begins it, but not all the way through. I can't hear anymore until 12 and 11. A couple of years ago, I got really sick in the winter and for weeks, could not get better. I lost my hearing, and had to go to an audiologist and put on prednisone to get rid of the blockage. Since then, it seems like I have woerrried about my hearing ability!

Billie Sue said...

Hey, I decided to try it on the computer upstairs and the results are a little different. Again, I can hear 18 plainly' can't hear 17 well enough to say I hear it, 16 and 15 are both definite no's' but I can hear 13, 12 and 11 clearly. Interesting.

The Cox Family said...

I can hear all of them as well. 18 is definitely the hardest to hear, but I can still hear it. Curtis, on the other hand is going deaf and can only hear up to 16. Maybe now he will listen to me when I tell him to turn down the radio!
You are looking so cute BTW. Keep posting those baby bump updates!

Addison and Kristie said...

I may be thirty one, but I have the hearing of a eighteen to twenty four year old.

Pays said...

Okay I thought I had good hearing! Where did you find that?