Monday, November 10, 2008

What to expect in the next 3 weeks

What happens when you have someone who just finished working on a time-consuming project and is not scheduled to begin working again till Dec 1st + Likes to play on the computer and use programs like Photoshop? Answer = Posts like this!

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Billie Sue said...

Well, I have just the job for you! You know me--never a dull moment! I need the advertising for my Christmas Concert -- like right away! The theme is "The Spirit of the Season." You know what I need -- (since you have done it for me in the past) the ads that can be 18 X whatever and then the 5 X 7 cover and flyers that can be 4 to a 11 1/2 x 8 page. Go to work you advertising genius-- PLEASE!
Also, I will email you several of the photos we had taken while you were home that need to be photoshopped. I want to use them on Christmas cards, but need a little touch - up done first! I love you, Noah!

The Gunnerson Family said...

Care to take a quick trip to Utah for a little bonding time with your nephews? I could use a little time off too.

The Fishers said...

That picture looks like your mug shot. :) And yes I'm implying you have had a mug shot before.

Noah Rasheta said...

It's actually my passport pictures, I guess that's close to being a mug shot!