Saturday, June 16, 2007

Happy Father's Day to our M.I.A. Dads!

I love my Daddy so much! He is the toughest and sweetest man at the same time and has taught me so much about hard work and setting goals. He's never met anything he can't conquer, and he seems to get younger and stronger every year. He is a wonderful teacher and a heck of a farmer, but most of all, he's my Daddy. Dad, I wish you were here in Utah to celebrate Father's Day, but I'm sure you're enjoying the Dominican Republic. Be safe and come home soon!

Lary the Bear! I am lucky enough to have been blessed with one heck of a father-in-law. Noah got a lot of his craziness and humor from his Dad, as well as his ability to be a jack of all trades and a chameleon. Lary is always working on the next project, and he's so young at heart and energetic. We hope we can keep up with him when he gets back from Louisiana!

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Chelsea Johnson said...

What a good tribute on Father's Day!! We do have the best dad ever! Love ya