Saturday, June 16, 2007

My Little Girls...Kind of...

I love these little girls like they're my own! I get to see them at least 3 times every week, and I get to teach both Ellie and Tess dance lessons. I always tell Billie Jo that if she needs to get one of them off her hands, I'm the one to call.

This picture of Ellie looks so grown up! She is becoming quite mature, being the oldest. She comes to Orem once a week for Ballroom classes at Center Stage and gets to stay over with me every Wednesday night before she goes. Although she thinks my house is a little boring, being devoid of toys, she and I have lots of fun together running errands and playing in the pool.

I love how you can still sense Tess's personality in this photo even without seeing her face. She is so dainty, and loves being girly. She likes to have her long hair flowing down and loves dancing more than any child I've ever met. She begs me to help her stretch and spends every minute downstairs in the studio, whether it's her class or not. She is very fragile, but just as sweet.

Mia makes me want to have a little girl. She's always been the best cuddler of the three, but now has a fiery personality to show you just to prove she's tough. She is the toughest of all three, I think, and has a strong will that's unmatchable.

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Chelsea Johnson said...

Wow--those pictures are adorable. I hadn't seen any of those so I'm glad you posted them. It sounds like between the dance studio, bird and helicopter pilot lessons you two are very busy!! Thanks for keeping us informed on what's going on! We love you!