Saturday, June 16, 2007

My Husband the Helicopter Pilot

It's finally here! Noah began his training at Silver State Helicopters this past Tuesday, and it seems that he has really found his niche in life! He has wanted to be a helicopter pilot since he was litte (his first ever journal entry says so) and has brought it up to me several times since being married. When our possible plan to move to Arizona to pursue advertising fell through, we took it as a sign that we should change career paths.

The estimated time for school is a year to 18 months, but Noah has CRUISED through his first lessons. He is scheduled everyday this week (instead of the normal 3/week) and has covered 5 complete lessons in only 2 scheduled lesson times. His instructors are already amazed with how naturally talented he is and he's ready to soar through. He's expecting to be finished in about 8 months.

When school is over, he will get a job as a certified flight instructor for 1-2 years (hopefully in Utah, but no promises) then we will be heading off somewhere to build up enough hours to get a long-term job. This will probably put us in Texas or somewhere along the Gulf of Mexico for a couple of years to fly for the big oil rigs.

I'm sure you'll be updated more than you even want to on this topic--but here's a good start!

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Rasheta Family said...

Looking good as a helicopter pilot! Its funny that I have a very similar picture in an airplane. I cant wait to go up with you and see how it all works. Have fun and good luck in your training... you are an inspiration to all of us for following your dreams!