Sunday, May 18, 2008

10 year High School Reunion

Nik and I had the chance to go to Guadalajara this weekend for our 10 year high school reunion and we really had a great time seeing all our friends again. We got to go visit my great-aunt and spend time with family and friends. Not to mention all the amazing food we had! We arrived on Thursday night and went straight to the taco stand (I had 10 tacos). Here are some of the pictures

Nik and I kissing Tia Lupita

Nik and I with Uncle Jose Luis and Tia Nena

Nik and I with some of our buddies (Gerardo, Toro, Mayo, Noah, Ivan, Nik, & Fausto)


Giselle and Noah Rasheta said...

Awesome! I love the pictures! I bet your Tia Lupita was seriously in heaven with both of you there to visit. It looks like you're having fun babe! I love and miss you like crazy!

Giselle and Noah Rasheta said...

I really was such a great trip! We have just 1 week left apart and then we'll finally be together again. I can't wait!!