Saturday, May 24, 2008

And we're off!!!

We'll, it's finally time! Giselle leaves today for England and my parents and I will be leaving tomorrow. Her parents left yesterday and they should be arriving in London right about now and catching a train to Paris. I wanted to post a brief itinerary so everyone can see where we'll be and when in case we need to be reached. I'll have Internet and a local cell phone the whole time over there so feel free to email/call me at any time. We'll keep the blog updated!
(remember to add 7 hours to calculate London time)
Cell Phone: 01144 7515 073479 (Dial just like that from the US)


Rasheta Family said...

so how is it going so far? Give us details and pictures!! -Anissa

Wes, Jody, & Cameron said...

I hope all is going well on your trip. I just thought I would stop by (I saw your link on Myndi's blog) and thank you again (Giselle) for coming and doing such a great job with our YM/YW activity. The dancing was such a hit! You are so talented and beautiful. Which several of the YM really appreciated! :) Thanks again!

Jody Harris

The Gunnerson Family said...

Wow, how very organized you are. I hope you guys are having fun and that UVU is kicking butt! If you have any spare time (yeah right!) we would love some pics.