Thursday, May 29, 2008


2 more castles on our list!
We had the chance to drive up to Dumphries, Scotland (the advantage of renting a car) so we could check out a castle up there called Caerlaverock Castle. This castle was built in 1300 A.D.

This is a view from the back of the hotel

This is a view of the back wall that fell in the 1600 in a fight between the Scott's and the Brit's.

Then 2 days later we drove up to Lancaster, England and we visited the castle there. This castle is the oldest prison in the country. It is still being used as a prison and there were 218 prisoners there today when we visited. It was such an amazing castle but unfortunately, they dont allow you to take pictures inside (for security) they even warned us that if we were caught taking pictures we could go to prison for 2 years. Here are some pictures of this castle (Lancaster Castle) This castle is owned by the Duke of Lancaster who happens to be Queen Elizabeth herself:

This is a picture from the front view

Giselle and I (I bought a new hat today)

Castle view from the side


Chelsea Johnson said...

I am so happy for an update from you guys! I feel so out of touch with you since I haven't talked to any of you for what seems like forever! Looks fun and sounds great! Congrats on the 2nd place and good luck tonight!

The Cox Family said...

Great pictures! It looks like such a beautiful place. It is so awesome that you guys are able to update us as you go. I love that! Congratulations on 2nd place. That is a great accomplishment Giselle!!!

Rasheta Family said...

so cool. Thanks for keeping us in the loop while you are on vacation!

Rasheta Family said...

P.S. I heard Olivia telling Robyn you are getting Giselle and bringing her a present. Robyn felt jealous but I told her you guys won't forget her and the coolest gift you are bringing back in uncgizel!

Aaron and Mandy said...

I have officially turned into the incredible hulk I am SOOOO green with envy. I want to be there visiting those castles SOOOO bad! Have fun...Lucky! Mandy